Friday, November 18, 2011

ALL VISUAL LA Slideshow (11/19)

ALL VISUAL LA Slideshow!

Digital slideshow projection at The Forge - This Saturday, November 19, 2011. Come and enjoy sweet photos, videos, paintings, drawings, images...

Askew II, Mikey Baratta, A. Dola Baroni, Sven Barth, Eddie Chacon, Collins, Caitlin Dennis, Henry Diltz, Iuliana Ene, Stephanie Gonot, Emma Goo, Kathryna Hancock, Jon Walter Mocey-Hanton, Tyler Harrison, Skip Haswell II, Michael Hernandez, Kamil I, Mark King, Tattiya Kliengklom, Kaspar Felix Lerch, Kate Linthicum, Ashley Maclean, Michael McCraw, Stanley Moss, Jenny Rose Nuzzo, Lauren Randolph, Esteban Schimpf, Ryan Schude, Katie Shapiro, Cody Smith, Lloyd Stubber, Robert Tepiak, Alice Tomaselli, Sumeja Tulic, Nick Walker, Graham Walzer, James Whineray, Olivia Wright

ALL VISUAL LA is a digital slideshow projection of recent work from visual artists - curated and hosted by A. Dola Baroni & Henry Diltz

Oh, this looks pretty awesome ! The Forge, that studio rental spot over in Mt. Washington/Glassell Park is hosting a monthly slideshow event. I see a few photographers listed among the names so it be nice to see different visual mediums. There's a cash bar and they're asking for $5 donation. This Saturday 8 - 11 pm. By the way check out The Forge's website - it's been updated recently.

The Forge
2638 Huron
Los Angeles, CA 90065

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